Wool Farming In The Fashion Industry & Its Effects

Wool Farming In The Fashion Industry & Its Effects

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Humans have been doing wool farming for thousands of years. Due to that, it is one of the main and first materials we used for making our clothes. And many of the clothes made of wool is suitable for colder and harsher weather. So it has a high demand in colder countries to keep their people warmer. Therefore, many fashion brands today use wool to make stylish and modern jackets to fulfill their needs. And same goes for Woolrich Jackets because we also specialize in making jackets that will keep you warm. But the wool for our jackets comes from the farms that we maintain with the highest care possible. So, let us find out how wool farming is happening in our farms according to ethical standards and methods.

Living conditions

Some of the farms give the worst types of treatments and environments to live in for the sheep while gathering their wool. And without much space to roam around, forcing them to live inside cages for the rest of their lives. Due to that, the wool they collect has a lower quality due to the sheep’s bad health. Because the wool from sheep who are sick or stressed has a high chance of breaking due to weakness. And that is why Woolrich prioritizes our animals’ health over anything and provides the best living conditions possible. As a result, we can make the highest quality of wool for our jackets through our farms while upholding all the good practices in the industry. Following are some of the good living conditions we provide to our sheep on our farms.

  • Have a large area to roam around freely without any confinement.
  • Provides a healthy and nutritious diet daily
  • Clean water sources
  • Handled by experts in animal husbandry
  • Proper housing to protect against weather


And when it’s come to collecting wool from sheep, they go through inhumane processes in some of the farms that collect wool for the fashion industry. It is the worst way to treat the animals who are the lifeline of the wool industry. Because many of the farms use bad practices in collecting wool, like using inexperienced shearers to shear the wool from the sheep. That may cause injuries and wounds to the sheep while the collection is ongoing. And they use unsafe equipment that is not the industry standard to collect wool from their body that also causes injuries. Also, when they are transporting the sheep to wool-gathering centers, they are inhumanely trafficked and packed in cages. That causes many deaths in the sheep who are traveling due to lack of air to breathe and high temperature with humidity.

Due to these reasons, we at Woolrich try to avoid all these bad practices at all costs and practice safe methods to collect our wool. So, the following are some of the processes we do that won’t bring any harm to the animal and safeguard their health.

  • Use shearing experts to collect
  • Use high-quality shearing equipment
  • Safe and painless methods
  • Proper sanitation
  • Regular checkups to observe their health


It is important to have a self-sustainable and eco-friendly environment on your farm to help reduce pollution to the environment. Because many farms in the industry contribute to the pollution of land. By destroying the land and its nutrients by decreasing the fertility in the soil. Due to mismanagement of resources and improper waste disposal. Because releasing the mass amount of animal manure and wastage can cause pollution to water and the soil around the farm. Many farm owners are blind to these facts and do not give enough attention to avoid them, creating a vast amount of pollution to the world. But Woolrich uses modern wool farming technologies like regenerative farming techniques. That increases the bio-diversity, fertility, and health of the environment and in animals. Therefore, avoiding pollution at all costs to bring you environmentally friendly products from our farms. Following are some of the methods we use.

  • Proper waste management system
  • Control erosion to preserve water
  • Planting crops that increase soil fertility
  • Dry matter composting
  • Planting trees around the farm
Parting thoughts

Many of you would not like to wear a jacket made with wool that comes from a farm that does not treat their animals and the environment nicely. Because the new generation is more eco-friendly and is more considerate about these nuances. Thus, they reject anything that has to do with pollution and the abuse of animals. And that’s why we at Woolrich jackets made it our solemn duty to provide a line of clothing with materials gathered from the best ways possible. Therefore, we guarantee you that our products come from a place that does not cause any pollution or abuse. So you can wear them with great pride in your daily life.

Contact us today, and get to know more about our stylish line of jackets in our collections.