Our Story

The Best Jackets With The Most Unique Designs

We are an apparel company formed in 2016, specializes in designing and manufacturing jackets for rough weather. And since our formation, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of cold weather jackets. Thus, our products have been able to attract many
customers around the world. Due to our excellent designers, our jackets were able to compete in the market with the best brands. And we surpassed them with some of the unique designs and materials that are specific to us.

Experienced Designers

Our design team has experience in designing multiple clothing and apparel lines and is an expert in their fields


We use our own materials from our wool farms

Animal Friendly

Our farm operates without harming any sheep

High Quality

Our raw materials are of the highest quality

Highly Durable

Due to our quality materials, our clothes are durable

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Meet The Team

Check out our trusted and experienced crew who made our company the way it is now. They help in every part of our production process and make the products you love into reality.

Richard Hernandez

Vice Chairman

Sharon Berry

Project Manager

Thomas Johnson

HR Manager

Juliana Lane

Lead Designer

What We Do

We take great pride in our team and what they do. Their commitment has always been a major factor for our success and development in this field. From handling our wool farms to the distribution of our products have always been maintained by them without any inefficiencies and delay.

Equipped with experience and proper work etiquette, they are your ideal workforce. Thus, they are the most effective group of people to work within an organization, and as a business, we are grateful to have them run our operations.