Frequently Asked Questions

We use natural and organic wool that gets collected from our own wool farms that are well maintained. And all the sheep are well taken care of, and they have the best health and living conditions possible to live.

Yes, we exclusively design jackets, and we have no current plans to start making other types of apparel. But we produce different types of jackets that are suitable for cold weather with unique designs.

Our wool is of the highest quality due to the preparations and health plans we use for our sheep. Their health and conditions are directly related to the wool they produce. Therefore, there are no competitors that can surpass our wool.

We have the best designers with years of experience working at our design team to bring forth new and fresh ideas into reality. They are the best at what they do, and if not for their contributions, we wouldn’t be able to come this far.

We follow all the rules and regulations associated with animal husbandry. We safeguard our lands and animal with the best possible methods. Therefore, the standard of living for sheep in our farms is higher than any of our competitors.