-100%- Natural And organic methods

We always operate our farm with the environment in mind and avoiding any pollution during the production process. And we use regenerative agricultural methods to preserve our land and animals. These methods are popular among wool farmers who use them to be self-sustainable in their farms. For example, we use the sheep to control weed manifestation in the area and increase the soil nutrient allocation for their vegetation. And we use their manure as fertilizers for farming.

By using these methods, we have proven that as a farm, we can be self-sustainable by only using natural and organic methods. And our animals don’t go through inhumane conditions while they are at our farms. They live in the best conditions, and the wool from them gets collected in the safest way possible without any harm. Therefore, when you are using our products, you should always be proud of what you wear.

Our Apparel

Many of our loyal customers seek our products especially, for these specific qualities of Woolrich. Because many apparel businesses use many unethical methods in their farms to collect their materials. And doesn’t provide good conditions for their animals. But you don’t have to worry about these when you are purchasing from us because Woolrich produce their product with ethical, natural, and organic methods that preserve environment.

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